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Pregnancy Letter from a Doctor

My husband and I had problems in our marriage with trust, communication, and finances. These reasons made both of us tend to stay away from the home more and more each day. One particular night my husband did not come home at all. This night seemed like an eternity to me, as I had thousands of questions running through my mind. Finally, by sunrise he came home and of course we fought all morning. Later that day he pulled me into his arms and confessed his love for me, telling me that he was committed to make our marriage work. However, he admitted to the one night stand from the previous night. I wanted to make our marriage work so I agreed to work on everything, even the infidelity.

A few weeks later his one night stand called to tell him she was pregnant. We were speechless for awhile. Eventually I said she needs to prove that she is pregnant. My husband agreed and asked her if he could go to the doctor with her for a physical. However, she said she already had a physical and a doctor’s note to prove that she was 6 weeks pregnant.

A few days later she came to the house, after all I need to be a supportive wife. She did provide a pregnancy letter from doctor. I had so many different emotions run through me, and trust me, they were not good, calm, emotions. But, my husband became somewhat excited that he was going to be a daddy. All of a sudden I felt extreme jealousy and anger. I was determined to figure out the best course of action and I had a feeling that she was lying.

“A doctors excuse in need is the real thing indeed” ~ Unknown

The very next day I started my own investigation. I wanted to make sure she was pregnant and how far along. This would provide me a time-line to know if it was my husband’s baby. I mean come on; she was a one night stand.

My husband provided me with the name of the doctor on the note. I decided to call and act like I was the one night stand patient. The nurse searched the name I gave her and said that there is no record of the patient. She thought they made a mistake and asked me to provide details of the pregnancy note. Her response took me by surprise; the doctor’s name on the note was spelled wrong. For this reason, I decided an in-person visit would be what was needed for clarification. The result was that the note was fake.

have a working Dr. notes

effective doctor’s note website

Upon inspection of the dr note, it was clearly a template that was in a form that anyone could fill out. The pregnancy note looks so real, that anyone could use the sample or example template for any fake doctor’s note. Anyone needing an excuse from work or school without going to a real doctor can benefit from these free excuses.

My marriage was saved by her mistake of mis-spelling the doctor’s name. Otherwise we would never know her true motive; which was to try to get money from my husband for a fake abortion. Fake doctor’s notes look and feel legitimate, just make sure you spell correctly, as she was an idiot; but a marriage saver for us.


Features to Make Fake Doctor’s Note Believable

The doctor’s note is a lawful document which ought to be acceptable as a valid excuse for missing out on work or going to school. A doctor or nurse normally signs the note in which he or she states that you as the patient in question has got a medical situation that will not permit him/her to work until after some time probably a couple of days or just a few weeks.

It may perhaps be tricky to obtain a fake doctors notes if you are not really sick. The ready alternative then becomes to make bring into play a fake doctor’s note. This note ought to be an imitation of the actual doctor’s note and should have all the convincing features.

There must be a brief account of the grounds the patient was under the physician’s care. Another vital feature is that it should have is the format and design of a legitimate medical note including medical letterhead, graphics and logo. The note must be said to be coming from doctor’s office since the address, phone number and signature are his.

Doctor excuses must come in quality paper print. Remember this is a formal and official document, hence it must be convincing.

The features will not be done if the full medical prescriptions and the date of returning to school or duty are not clearly highlighted on the form. Learn to make a fake doctor’s note to help you skip work.

Free vs. Paid Fake Doctors Notes

Doctors notes aren’t easy to come across. Besides going to a doctor and shoveling out an unnecessary amount of money for a slip of paper and some cold medicine, there aren’t really many ways to take a sick day off of work for cheap… well, besides just not turning in a doctor’s note. But then you risk getting a mouth full from your teacher or boss.

In this day and age we can’t afford to take a trip down to the doctors office every time we feel a cold coming up, and we can’t afford to go through work or school feeling under the weather, either. You know for a fact that if you just take a single day off you’ll be back to health, but you just can’t afford to go to some doctor that’ll tell you what you already know and charge you $40-100 for some careless diagnosis and a piece of paper.

That leaves you one other option: Fake Doctors notes. Now, there’s plenty of sites offering “Free” fake doctors notes, but those are easy to find and backtrack. Think about how much trouble you’ll be in if you get busted turning in a poorly faked doctors note. I can guarantee you the outcome won’t be pretty.

But don’t let that turn you off of the idea of fake doctors notes. You can still purchases cheap, incredibly realistic looking notes for fractions of what it would cost you to visit a doctor. Unlike free doctors notes, paid ones use identical templates which almost carbon copy the real forms doctors use. Not only that, but they’re uniquely made, so it’s impossible for your boss, teacher or HR department to backtrack and bust you. Here is a site we like.

For previous users, they recommend purchasing benin2009’s blank doctors notes for they are proven to be efficient and cost less. Fake medical notes usually cost 20-30 dollars each. Imagine how much more you’ll get back after buying one. First, you get to have your extra day off without worrying about salary deduction. You also get to enjoy things you usually don’t because of working every day. And after all is said and done, you get back to work as if nothing ever happened. Try going and learn more about fake doctor’s excuses.

Using a crummy, sketchy free doctors note to excuse yourself from work or school is just too risky and reckless. Don’t take that chance. Buy a professional, one-of-a-kind fake doctors note instead of jeopardizing your job or future.

The benefits undoubtedly outweigh the cost in this situation. Even with health insurance it isn’t worth it to take a trip to the doctors office every time you have a bit of nausea, a runny nose or a cough that just wont go away.

All in all, nothing good can come from using a free fake doctors note that anyone can just Google in their free time.

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